I currently work with a MNC as UX Specialist and freelance on occasion. I have more than thirteen years of experience and my focus is primarily on visual designs for web, desktop applications, and mobile applications and branding materials. Over this period, I had the opportunity to work with some high caliber professionals and gain experience & knowledge on many media related skills like Design concepts, Visualization, 2D and 3D graphics, Illustrations, and UI/UX designing.

My design career was born from my passion in drawing, it's something that I have always loved. The canvas has included school desks to start with, tattooing on beautiful palms to follow, and then the final frontier of graphics and animation. Nature inspires and mentors me and observation with imagination is my distinct asset. What you see in the following screens is a result of passion, aspiration, and nurturing of God given talent.


You can download my resume from the below link to get more insights about myself.

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